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Maroon 5 | “Misery”

When Maroon 5 released their single “Misery”, the video’s tongue-in-cheek battle between Adam Levine and his love interest didn’t quite match TV ideals in the UK. Here’s how Additive Agency and Brightcolour artistry helped shape the band’s overseas vision.

Jam Party

Video game trailer for Zivix’ Jam Party. Created in collaboration with Additive Agency.

NASA Safety Center

First episode in a commercial series for the NASA Safety Center. Compositing and design by Brightcolour artist Adam Porter.

Chamillionaire | “Good Morning”

Music video for Universal Music Group artist Chamillionaire. Shot in Los Angeles by Additive Agency and director Don Tyler, with all post-production by Brightcolour and Additive Agency.

Shoot Many Robots

Teaser trailer for Shoot Many Robots from Demiurge studios. Debuted on IGN.com months before the game was released and before gameplay was shown. Created in collaboration with Additive Agency.


Trailer for Technicolour, the third full-feature snowboard film from Autumn Line Studios, Brightcolour’s action sports-based better half.

ThirtyTwo: Spot Check

Intro bumper for Sole Technologies’ ThirtyTwo brand snowboard boots & apparel for their “Spot Check” web series. Created hand-in-hand with Brightcolour’s action sports-based sister studio, Autumn Line Studios.

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